5 Reasons You Need a Dedicated Hosting Service Provider

Hosting Service Provider

For those seeking efficient Tech Support in Auckland for their businesses, it’s important to first understand the importance of a good hosting service provider. Also known as hosted service provider (xSP), hosting service providers offer IT functions, ranging from infrastructure to website hosting and email. Often, these are provided via the means of Internet but can also be offered using other types of WANs (Wide Area Networks).

There are primarily two types of hosting services, dedicated and shared. Both of them have their own advantages, and issues, over one another. Dedicated Hosting is preferred by mid-sized and big-sized businesses. SEO Services Golden Link spark offer best SEO, PPC, Google google adwords services with result guarantee.

Here are 5 advantages of making use of a dedicated hosting provider:

Reason 1 – Full Resource Access on a Single Server

One of the best perks of using a dedicated hosting is that you get access to full resources present on the hosting server. This allows you to clear your head about mulling over other Website consuming the server processing and RAM.

Moreover, this allows you to ensure peace of mind about spikes in bandwidth usage and bad script problems.

Reason 2 – Maximized Uptime for Your Website

Shared hosting is ideal for Websites with traffic that lies in the low to medium range, such as small-time tech support in Auckland services. For websites receiving lots of traffic, dedicated servers add more stability as well as reliability. Using a dedicated hosting also allows you to ensure that you aren’t using the server space with some malicious website or a potential spammer.

As dedicated hosting facilitates enhanced security, it’s essential for businesses dealing with sensitive transactional data over FTP or SSL.

Reason 3 – Cut Expenses and Overheads

Dedicate hosting is an inexpensive way to access full resources of a server. Dedicated hosting providers take care of the overheads like building cost and server maintenance on their own. Thus, provides businesses with an enhanced ROI.

Sites with a strict need for customization and security should have a dedicated hosting to cut-down costs whilst enjoying the services of a full server. There are several great Hosting Service Provider in Auckland options to choose from.

Reason 4 – Flexibility

Dedicated server facilitates a client for customizing the server to match unique client needs and requirements. Shared hosting, on the other hand, limits customization. Dedicated server allows businesses to choose a platform and software they really need. Hence, dedicated server facilitates far more control than a shared server. Exhibition Designers

Reason 5 – Have Your Own Unique IP Address

Every server has only one unique IP address. A shared hosting means that businesses have to share the IP address with other websites hosted the same server. This could be disadvantageous if one of your shared hosting associate has a spam or adult site.

That’s why e-commerce sites use dedicated hosting for reliably processing payments. With a dedicate server, you need not worry about sharing your unique IP with others.

Before hiring a great Hosting Service Provider in Auckland, it’s important to ensure it is reliable.


A dedicated hosting service plays an important role for accelerating the growth of sites receiving lots of traffic. Sites receiving low to average traffic might like to stick with shared hosting.


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