A Very Beneficial Type of Resident-Ship

The easy living is much required for many people and hence those who feel that their dreams will not come true in their country, they love to move to any other country where they can have a better life and easy living with the help of good employment opportunities or business opportunities.

This is possible in the developed countries of the first world only, and hence it is important to know the visa process for them.

Going by the best standard regarding living as well as poised lifestyle supported by a sturdy financial system and scenic beauty, you can say Australia makes the best option for migration in comparison to other nations. People are inclined to migrate to Australia to enjoy a good life. Prior to the migration, you will be required to apply for the PR- permanent residency visa so that you are given a right to lead your life there, study or work with no restrictions in the country. Below are given a few advantages of living in Australia as PR.

Benefits of PR in Australia

When you become the permanent resident, you are sure to get permanent visa Australia. It will enable you to get the right of living in Australia for an indefinite period. You are able to benefit from the facilities regarding unrestricted travel from and to Australia as you come about to become a PR- permanent resident. Although, at first the permanent visa is granted for the short span of five years and it is necessary to apply again either from within or outside Australia.

As you obtain permanent resident-ship, you are able to get the unrestrained freedom to continue your course of study you opt for. Permanent residents can get different options to pick as they intend to study in university. Also, there is the facility of several education loans that can be availed only by the permanent residents. Such loans tend to assist you in handling the financial pressures which can come up because of extra costs incurred by the study.

One more option:

On more vital feature of the permanent residence can be said to be about the work permit. It is very easy to work in Australia if you have got a permanent resident visa. Immigration Australia permanent residency allows the PR- permanent residents to work under an employer regarding any occupation. But, you are not entitled to work in armed forces or public service as they are meant (restricted) for Australian citizens. Although, such developments do not tend to differentiate the industrial laws amid citizens and permanent residents. PR – permanent residents do get the similar benefits from such laws as are meant for the citizens. PR is able to take part in trade unions and be part of it and are able to claim compensation for workers.

In relation to social security, the PR is needed to hold on there at least for two years before permanent residents are able to get benefits of social security such as unemployment, sickness, and student benefits which are provided by the social security department of Australia.


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