Which is better – FortiGate 50E or 60E

Whichever business or organisation you’re running, it needs a secure, efficient and fast network to run on. Among the three aforementioned qualities, if the network is secure from threats, half your tension will be gone. In this day and age of hacking, a well-oiled security system is the need of the hour and you’ll be doing your venture a world of good by using security devices such as the FortiGate 50E vs 60E. Here we’ll discuss which of the two is a better option and why.

FortiGate 50E models are compact, affordable, all-in-one security devices that deliver Fortinet’s UTM connection. Used mainly for small or remote businesses, customer premise equipment (CPE), and retail networks, these devices offer the network security, connectivity and performance needed for every venture out there. The 50E Series brings with it a well-arranged set of important security functions to protect all of your data. It provides you with advanced threat protection along with firewall, application management, protection from advanced threats, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Virtual Private Network (VPN), and website filtering.All these services are provided by asingle device that can be easily deployed and managed. Thanks to theFortiGuard security subscription, protection against today’s sophisticated threats will be automated. The FortiGate50E features the latest Advanced Threat Protection technology, including sandboxing and anti-bot protection, Feature select options to simplify the configuring and deployment process, and contextual visibility for better management and reporting service.

Key Features

  • Under High Performance UTM, the FortiGate 50E provides firewall, application control, antivirus, VPN, IPS, antispam and more.
  • Runs on FortiOS 5 — the world’s most powerful security operating system provides greater protection against advanced threats and visibility with deep contextual information.
  • Reliable internal storage for logging, reporting, caching, and WAN optimization.

FortiGate 60E, on the other hand, focuses on distributed businesses, includes consolidated security and networking functionality, various connectivity options and best performance in a compact format.

Key Features

A throughput performance of 3 Gbps ensures that the security of your network won’t be affected in any which way and the fact that firewall accelerations is also supported by it adds to the positive points. There are up to 2x WAN, 7x LAN and 1x DMZ interface ports.

There are a few other features which both FortiGate50E and FortiGate 60E provide. Network Attack detection, DoS and DDoS Attack Prevention, Signature based detection, Anamoly based detection, Custom IPS signatures, User-defined signatures with regular expressions are the IPS features which can be found in both the security systems.

Both work on AC power supply and while heat dissipation of 50E is 62, that of 60E is 40. Both of them come with standard/extended HW warranty as well. Both have been certified from ICSA Labs for Firewall, IPSec, IPS, Antivirus, SSL VPN, also, they are NSS Certified under VB100 certified antimalware.

All in all, having a security system for the website of your business is very important if you wish to keep all the data and various other facets of your venture safe from threats.

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