Beware Of False Complaints News & Court Case Against Parsvnath Developers Scam

Parsvnath has always gained the attention of real estate investors and clients for its high-quality properties. This is a big fish in real estate industry known for providing a wide range of properties in both commercial and residential sectors. With its increasing name and fame in the market and among the clients, rivals have lost the competition and their business. This is the reason they have planned for conspiracy to defame the brand name of Parsvnath. Parsvnath complaints are the part of such well-planned conspiracy from the close competitors in real estate.

So far this company has operated smoothly and followed all the law. It also provided possession to the owners on time in the past and provided the high-quality dream homes and offices. However, it has faced a financial crisis in the past few years that finally impacted the delay in possession of some of the new projects. Competitors were waiting for a loophole or a chance against the company to raise their voice and file for Parsvnath court case.  As per an interview with a news channel, chairman of the company, Pradeep Jain said that that company is focusing to boost the performance in Q2 and will soon come out of the financial crisis situation.

Speaking on the court cases and complaints, he said that company has not committed any fraud and is dedicated to providing possession on the ongoing projects as promised. He said that the company will be debt free in the next 2-3 years and will deliver all the projects by the next 18-24 months. If we consider the fact about the court case, 70 investors collectively sued the company for not providing the possession of the house as promised in the Parsvnath Exotica project. With this, the company received a bad image and highlight in media, social media and other platforms.

Along with this, rivals also took this as an opportunity and started framing conspiracies to increase the number of negative feedbacks and spread fake information about the brand. The company plead in the court to extend the time of possession and about the current market position of the company. This real estate has shown its effort to keep its promise that reveals that it works for its promises and is not a fraud company. So if you have come across the Parsvnath developers case, just ignore them as they are posted by the competitors in the market to gain an advantage.

It is good not to get influenced by what is happening in the market, as this is a competitive world and each brand try to defame others. This means that the cases against the company do not have anything to do with the prime cases that are posted over the internet through various sources. Another complaint was that the company used its dominant position in the market to manipulate the clients in some unethical terms and conditions. If we deeply analyse and study the real facts about the company, we will get to know that all the charges have no base and are just an effort by the rivals to defame the brand image in the market.

We know that rumours spread fast in the market with a little blow. This has what happened with the Parsvnath case. Recently, the company has remained in news for all the wrong reasons. Close competitors are putting their best effort to prove Parsvnath as scamster. The effort is to attract clients towards the other options available in the market. If you have also come up with the negative reviews on the internet, then do not take them seriously. They are just to tarnish the brand image.

The Indian population easily get influenced by what they listen and see over different media. This has what happened in the past few months with the company. Thus, stay away from such fake news and do not get influenced by it. Go for the right research and make the right decision.

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