Cake Trends and Flavors that are a Must to be Tasted and Gifted

Cake Trends

Cakes are part of our everyday celebrations. With so many twists and swings made in the preparation of cakes, there we have seen a lot many changes to both the appearance and flavours of the cakes. The great bakers and innovators present in the era of food industry have made it possible for us to have in hand truly versatile color and decorative cases so beautifully customized for every special moment of our day.

Cakes are therefore, a great way to say and share your feelings the way you like it!!

With this comes the easiness in delivering the cakes by post on selected dates to cherish every moment of success and happiness with your loved ones.

Know about some new cake trends-

  • Drip cakes- These beautiful creations have been capturing an imagination background for birthdays since 2015, but now the drip design is emerging as the latest trend in wedding cakes and other ceremonies. The concept of adding a drip look goes with any style of cake is it like naked, semi-naked to fully frosted cakes. For the drips ganaches, melted chocolate or even caramel to achieve the look and the combination of embellishments is endless. By adding some flowers, stylised cake toppers, lollies or fruits to create a fun and whimsical cake gives an extra match to your theme making it look more timeless, sophisticated and elegant. The taste also is beyond comparison.
  • Marbled cakes- A marble cakeis a cake made with a streaked or mottled appearance looking like a marble. It is achieved by very lightly blending light and dark batter together. It can be a mixture of vanilla and chocolate cake, in which case it is mainly vanilla, with streaks of chocolate. Other possibilities are strawberry or other fruit flavors, or cinnamon or other spices where a blend combination of two colors are taken together keeping in mind their flavors. These can also be customized depending upon the type of occasion.
  • Ruffled cakes- Adding a ruffle texture to the yummy cakes, in the end, gives them a new look with more of cravings to the cake lovers. There are a number of ways in which ruffles to the cakes can be added like sugar ruffles that are created with the help of fondant, rose ruffles, scrunch ruffles, circular ruffles all of them give a new design to the cake.
  • Hand painted cakes- In the world of cake decoration, the most appreciated type is the hand painted cakes. These cakes generally come with a striking painting with generally bold colors or simple floral motifs in very beautiful pastel colors. One can find an array of options with the cake decorators and bakers where even painted birthday cake next day delivery is also available at the door step.

The cakes world is full of creativity and blends of a taste of the bakers and the innovators. The cake lovers must try them once and even gift them on special occasions to showcase their love for their loved ones.

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