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Is it Safe To Travel in Trains in India

No destination is 100% safe. The same goes for India too. Although the country has strict cultural boundaries, the land is not completely safe. If you are visiting India for vacation, travel in trains is the best way to enjoy the culture of the land. However, is it safe to be on Indian trains? The […]

Great Brunch Places In Jakarta While Traveling In Indonesia

Brunch Places In Jakarta

When you want to take a break while traveling in Indonesia, you can choose some Great Brunch Places in Jakartato rest and eat brunch.Some of you who are traveling in Indonesia may feel confused why we can find brunch restaurants in Indonesia.In fact, brunch itself became a culture that has recently been adapted in the […]

6 Artistic Tourist Spots of Ahmedabad

Spots of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the biggest and the most vibrant city of Gujrat and it has so many majestic places for its tourist. Whether you talk about holy spots, historic places, artistic monuments or fine museums, you can get them all right under the kingdom of this city. If you have never visited this city, just book […]