Difference between Integrated BBA MBA and BBA then MBA

Difference between Integrated BBA MBA

There are so many top college for MBA in Delhi that offers a course that is integrated such as a combination of BBA and MBA. But they also have courses that say that you can do BA first and then follow it up by MBA. There are many things that actually fall up with it but no is actually sure what it is all about. It can be in the core subject of strategy, finance, decision making, team skills, managerial skills or even communication.

The main reason to opt for both the courses is that it provides a sense of security, helps in achieving essential skills and function them as per the job requirement. But the main question is, what is the basic difference between integrated and non-integrated BBA and MBA courses?

  1. Institutes – The things that after BA if one wants to pursue MBA then they can opt for a different university or school. There is no requirement to go for the same college again. But for the integrated BBA MBA in India, you have to complete the whole program from a single college or university only. A separate BBA and MBA degree means that you will get two degrees of separate college.
  2. Core Topics – There is an advantage of integrated course over non-integrated one as per their syllabus. The integrated course will eliminate any requirement of repetition of course. Hence, one can opt for the course without worrying about studying a subject all over again. But this is not the case with the non-integrated study. During your MBA, you will be studying the same subject as BBA after two years.
  3. Work Experience – Many people opt for working before they go for MBA. They feel that it is better to have some working experience after their graduation. However, with integrated course, there won’t be any such thing that allows you to have some working experience.
  4. Entrance tests – Yes, if you believe that the entrance tests are same for course in BBA and MBA along with the integrated courses then you might be wrong. The selection process for the integrated course is for a single one only. Whereas there is the separate degree for the selection and admission process. Hence, a student has to give this exam for the two times, for instance, XAT, NMAT, CAT, SNAP, etc.

There is no doubt that MBA can help in the acceleration of career and take you to a new height. All you need to take care of is that you are well settled and know what you have to do. It might be a difficult choice but there is a top college for MBA in Delhi that can cover up any of the problems.

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