Everything You Need To Know About Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian cysts are generally fluid-filled sac found inside the ovary. Generally, they have no symptoms and it is hard to identify them for that very reason. However, they can cause occasional bloating, lower abdominal cramps, or back pain. If by chance the cyst breaks open or causes the ovary to twist, then severe pain might occur. This causes vomiting and fainting in extreme cases. However, according to doctors most of the cysts are generally harmless.

Rarely cysts are cancerous, but at times they can cause cancer. The best doctor of gynaecology in India can identify whether cysts are cancerous or not by an ultrasound test. Often doctors prescribe pain medications for cysts and at times even birth control medications are used to control cysts. When medications fail, then surgery becomes necessary. Normally all women who are in their reproductive age can develop cysts every month and they are harmless.

Cysts are treated by treating their underlying condition like for example, in hypothyroid patients, treating their hypothyroidism can cure the problem of cysts. Bigger cysts need more attention because they can form cancerous or cause troubles to the patient. When surgery is required, then the cyst is removed and at times even the ovaries need to be removed so that the problem doesn’t spread to other parts of the patient’s body. Laparoscopic surgery or Laparotomy is done for removing cysts. The size of the ovarian cysts varies at times, it can range from less than an inch to four inches. Uncommonly, ovarian cysts may also form large masses, which measures twelve or more in its diameter. At times, even CT scan and MRI are used to test whether ovarian cysts are present within the patient’s body or not. According to doctors, most of the cysts disappear after weeks or months and that is why they need to test again to confirm whether the condition is serious or not. When there is no change in the patient’s condition or the cyst tends to increase in size, then doctors recommend other tests like pregnancy test, hormonal level test and CA-125 blood test to determine the condition of your body.

There are certain ways by which you can prevent the harmful effects of ovarian cysts. You also need to check up with your gynaecologist regularly and do your check up regularly. Also, try to control hypothyroidism and other factors that can cause ovarian cysts. Be careful about your menstrual cycle and also make sure that your menstrual cycle is happening properly. Any weird changes you notice in your menstrual cycle can be the cause of ovarian cyst. Some home remedies that you can apply for cyst are:

  • Top gynaecology doctors in India recommended drinking chamomile tea every day and also taking a bath in Epsom salt. They reduce pain and chamomile tea helps in regulating menstrual cycles in women.
  • Drinking apple cider vinegar can also help you in many ways as it helps in decreasing the size of cysts and dissolve them.
  • Have flaxseeds regularly because it helps in balancing the female hormones in the body. Also, it will further help in reducing cysts in your body.

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