Explore the Wonders of India with Luxury Train

India with Luxury Train

As someone imagines a trip to or around India, a lot of things may come to our minds, while they may be grand architectural structures, breath-taking sculptures, alluring panoramic views of mountains and oceans, the thrill of the jungle, busy city streets, great cuisines or energetic spirituality of the places. But end-to-end luxury is seldom a thought in mind!

However, all that has changed in the recent times. India is home to a handful of amazing luxury trains that ply to and fro the great tourist destinations of the country, offering total comfort in luxury and style. The theme for most of these trains is old school royal, as they act as devices of time travel and can transform the passengers back to a dreamy time of castles and princes.

Palace on Wheels

We have all read the infamous story aboard the Orient Rail Journeys both the fictional ones as well as the non-fictional ones. Train travels pack unparallel romanticism ad charm! India introduced its first contribution to the chapters of luxury trains much earlier with the aptly named – “Palace on Wheels”.

This imperial train was one of its kind that exhibited the glamour and grandeur of India’s royal past. It is well understandable that Indian royals rated luxury at the top of everything else and the interiors of the Palace on Wheels stands testament to that very trend. This train would give you the perfect taste of the good old royal times.

With the launch of this train paved a new era of luxurious rides in Indian railways. The trains were no longer a poor man’s chariot transporting piles of crowds who packed their own bedding and were disturbed by the occasional screams of a tea-seller or hawkers selling plastic oddities. Soon India was inspired to venture deeper into this fantasy rabbit-hole and released another luxury ride from the engineer’s magic hat – The Deccan Odyssey. This train chugged around the land of the Marathas which Maharshtra. The Marathas with this ride got the perfect opportunity to exhibit their royal side. The most popular route followed by the Deccan Odyssey is the Konkan Route that travels through Mumbai, Goa and then to the Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

 Luxury trains

Soon after this gospel of luxury trains ensued with the third addition namely the Golden Chariot. This train was a step ahead in the glamour and splendor of luxury trains. Decorated with the regal heritage of bygone Indian kings, this train boasted of all the amenities and comforts that a grand palace could imagine. The parent state that gave birth to this chariot is Karnataka however, the train travels through several more popular south Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa, Pondicherry along with Karnataka. The two most popular routes taken by the train are aptly called as the Pride of South and The Southern Splendour. Andhra Pradesh is a recent addition in the route of this train. The Golden Chariot is the only luxury train that covers vast distances in the south of India and can be rightfully called as the single most royal ride of the south.

The fourth and final addition to luxury trains in India is perhaps the best – The Maharaja’s Express. This is by far the grandest of all the other luxury trains which was even voted as the ‘world’s leading luxury train’ by the World Travel Awards on 2012. It covers most of the popular tourist destinations in India and has the highest number of route options.

And finally, there is a fifth addition into the list of luxury trains in India – Royal Rajasthan is another addition to this list that explores the amazing terrain of Rajasthan in the most royal grandeur. Decorated with complete Rajputana theme inspired by the different states of old Rajasthan, this is the most majestic way of experiencing the land of the royals.

So, it is understandable that the best way to explore the wonders of India is with a ride of the aforementioned luxury trains to travel in utmost comfort and royal luxury.

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