Great Brunch Places In Jakarta While Traveling In Indonesia

Brunch Places In Jakarta

When you want to take a break while traveling in Indonesia, you can choose some Great Brunch Places in Jakartato rest and eat brunch.Some of you who are traveling in Indonesia may feel confused why we can find brunch restaurants in Indonesia.In fact, brunch itself became a culture that has recently been adapted in the lifestyle of Indonesian society.If previously the brunch habit can only be found in United States and England, now you can also find it in Indonesia. But unlike the brunch you can find in the United States or England, the brunch you find in Indonesia will have some differences.

Differences brunch in Indonesia with in England and United States lies in the application of brunch itself. When in the United States or England, brunch is a tradition that is maintained. The impression given of brunch itself is a formal culture. While in Indonesia, brunch is a lifestyle that is becoming popular. At the time of brunch, Indonesian people usually use it to socialize in addition to filling the stomach.Therefore, brunch in Indonesia to be a moment to gather with family, friends, or colleagues.If you are curious about brunch in Indonesia, you can visit the one of Great Brunch Places in Jakarta cityin the following.

  1. Sophie Authentique

Besides famous for its French bakery, this restaurant is also famous for its always fresh and delicious menu. Sophie Authentique also has a variety of brunch menu that can arouse your taste. The most favored menu in Sophie Authentique is croquet madame. In contrast to the croquete madame from other restaurants, croquet madame in Sophhie Authentique is delicious whether from looks and tastes. If you are interested in this restaurant, Sophie Authentique has three branches in Kuningan, Cikajang and Kemang.

  1. Maple & Oak

Nothing is more perfect than a blend of brunch and coffee menus. You can enjoy it all at Maple & Oak located at De Ritz Building, Ground Floor, Menteng, Jakarta. Although this cafe open not too long ago, this cafe has been visited by many culinary lovers. Here, you should try Coffee Butter Steak & Eggr. It sounds unusual, but it tastes really delicious and unique. In addition, there are many dessert menus such as pancakes, toasts and tarts that are a pity to miss.

  1. Potato Head

Located at Pacific Place Mall Place 6th Floor, 51A, Jakarta, Potatohead offers a variety of brunch menu that you can enjoy every weekend and holiday. This brunch session has a relaxed atmosphere and is designed for guests who bring families to brunch. For the menu itself, Potato head prepares a wide selection of processed egg dishes such as egg benedict and baked egg and sautee vegetables. All dishes are cooked using organic vegetable and eggs ingredients.

Hope the above Great Brunch Places in Jakarta informationwill make your travel in Indonesia become more enjoyable. In addition to the above three recommendations, there are actually many highly recommended places to enjoy brunch in Jakarta, Indonesia. When you travel to Indonesia, take your time to enjoy a different brunch in Indonesia.

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