How To Choose The Best Thermal Wear?

You need to have a clever packaging for the cold weather. Heavy luggage filled with jumpers, sweaters and coats can kill the joy of sightseeing, yet you can’t afford the cold creeping onto you. The best way to solve this problem is to invest in some good quality thermal wear. They are very lightweight, versatile and also very effective in keeping the cold away. They need to worn under your normal clothing, so you can stay protected as well as stylish on the coldest days.

Thermal wear for winter season is your best option if you love dressing up without being limited by the weather. When you are searching for the best kind of thermal wear to buy for yourself, you should keep in mind three main things- shape, material and use. Check for these three things and you will be able to get the perfect one for yourself.


The best material for your thermal wear will depend on the kind of activity you are planning to do on that day.

  • Merino wool– majority of people consider this to be the best kind of material for your thermal wear. This is because it is made of natural material and effectively keeps you warm all the while keeping all the excess moisture away. It also does not add to much bulk underneath your clothes. It is quite versatile and can be used for a large number of activities. It can be worn continuously for a number of days without washing as it does not start smelling easily. Though you should know they are a little expensive and extremely sensitive skin might find the material a bit rough.
  • Silk– this is yet another popular material used for thermal wear because of its great moisture absorbing properties and also the ability to contain heat within the body. It is also made of natural material, but it does not have that good heat retention property. So this s best for mildly cold weather conditions. It also requires frequent washing.
  • Synthetic– a variety of synthetic thermal wear is available in the market by mixing different percentages of polyester with materials like rayon and nylon. These have the advantage of being quite cheap and low maintenance. The main con of synthetic thermal wear is that they build bad odour quite quickly, so they need to be washed regularly.


Thermal wear come in a variety of shapes. Some have long or short sleeves, less or more fitted, high or round neck, etc. But the best shape for you would be the one which properly hugs your body yet does not make you feel constrained. When it comes to the neck of the thermal wear, you need to consider the kind of activity you will be doing. The best thermal wear for women is a round neck one as they like keeping them hidden underneath their clothes.


The type of thermal wear will depend largely on its use. You can buy silk ones if you want to wear them for mildly cold weather. Merino wool is perfect for extreme physical activities, while synthetic

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