How To Get More Followers On Twitter Fast?

When you are a blogger, but you are not active on social media, you cannot call yourself a serious blogger. You must be active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networking websites. You are producing superb quality content but not getting enough traffic. You have no subscribers, and there is hardly anyone reading your work.

You cannot succeed as a blogger without having a social media strategy to promote your work on social media. And, your social media strategy cannot succeed if Twitter is not involved in it. Many people started blogging when there was only Facebook to share work. However, now we have Twitter as a leading platform to promote.

This social media website is projected to have 275 million monthly active users by the end of this year. You should be present there. You should get noticed by people who love reading the kind of content you produce. If you are using Twitter for the first time, you might find a little difficult to understand. You may not even like it. However, soon it will be one of your favorite social media platforms. You can find and interact with many other bloggers. You can build a readership and also get some opportunities to work with some amazing brands. All you have to do is to get more Twitter followers. And now you might be looking for some tips on how to get more followers on Twitter.


People create profiles on Twitter and other social media networks to be social. So, do that. You can use Twitter as a business tool and that too very easily. Start interacting and talking with other bloggers and your audience on Twitter. Bloggers often help each other. Share their work. They will share your work. You need to be social to make some friends. You are powerless without the power of social media.

Retweet, Like And Comment

When we say you should socialize, we mean you should participate in some conversation going on on this social media platform. You can like, comment or retweet to take part in some ongoing conversation. Don’t be one of those. Don’t do that. Read the work of other bloggers. Like and comment to appreciate the work of other bloggers. Retweet and share what they share on their Twitter profiles. You will get a lot of ideas to write about. And, they will also return the favor by appreciating and sharing your work. You people will help each other in growing.

Be real

Whether you have a few hundred followers or your followers are in thousands, always be yourself. When you are creating your profile, keep it real. Share what you feel like you should share. Obviously, you cannot cross the line. There are community guidelines you must follow. Not everyone is going to like your work. However, by being real, you can build a loyal blog audience and also get real Twitter followers fast.

Don’t think much about numbers

Don’t get hung up on the follower/following ratio. However, do remember that people will follow you when you will follow them. Let your audience know that you are there to build twitter followers.

Don’t play games

You followed a blogger, that blogger followed you, and then you unfollowed that blogger. This is not a good thing to do. As mentioned earlier, don’t get hung up on the follower/following ratio.

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