How to use Scaffolding to Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal

How to use Scaffolding to Boost your Home’s Curb Appeal

Whether you want to sell your home and increase its value or you think it’s time for some much needed maintenance, boosting your home’s curb appeal is a task that all homeowners need to one point or another.  Of course, you can always dust the cobwebs off your ladder and put it to good use, but performing any substantial work on the exterior of your home really mandates a support system that’s more safe, stable, and robust.

Most people associate scaffolding with commercial construction sites and rarely consider hiring scaffolding for their own DIY home improvement projects. Small scaffolding towers can be rented relatively cheaply over the weekend and performing these tasks yourself will save you a bundle of money. If you’re interested in making the exterior of your home look new and fresh, today we’ll be discussing some of the projects you can tackle with the help of a rented scaffolding system.

Inspect and clean your roof and gutters

The roof of your home is an area which doesn’t get much attention, however it’s vital to maintain your roof to prevent leaks. Scaffolding gives you easy access to your roof so you can inspect your shingles for any damage and use a broom to sweep away the debris that’s accumulated on your roof since the last time you were there. Giving your roof a bit of attention has bot aesthetic and practical advantages and you’ll feel much better walking through the front door knowing that your roof is spotless!

In addition, inspecting your gutters for cracks and removing any debris also prevents leaks on your roof by allowing better drainage. Moving a ladder all around your house to clean your gutters is not only time-consuming but it’s also unstable if you have a multi-story home. Scaffolding towers gives you plenty of support and enhances your safety so you can perform these tasks stress free.

Clean your sidings

When your home has dirty sidings, it makes the entire house look dirty and unkempt. Cleaning the sides of your home from the ground can sometimes be impossible and using a ladder is extremely inconvenient. On the contrary, renting a scaffolding tower allows you to easily store your soap and scrub and work from a robust platform to clean all the dirt and mould. Alternatively, a pressure washer is also an excellent tool that can assist with cleaning the sides of your home.

Make your windows shine

There’s something about dirty windows that makes me unsettled, especially when you clean the interior and the window’s still dirty! While you’re cleaning your roof, gutters, and sides, why not give your windows a quick clean and make them sparkle? You could always use a ladder to access windows on a multi-story home, but a scaffolding platform not only provides greater stability but also gives plenty of room for a squeegee, paper towels, and window cleaner without having to juggle them on top of a ladder.

Give your home exterior a paint job

Nothing makes the exterior of your home look better than a fresh paint job. Painting the exterior of your house makes a dramatic difference to its appearance and is highly recommended for those wanting to put it on the market. Despite this, painting is extremely difficult without scaffolding and can be expensive if you hire professional painters, so why not do this yourself? Scaffolding allows you to apply an even coat much easier particularly if you have a multi-story home. Plus, you can paint the trim with a paintbrush to make your siding colour really stand out!

While there’s plenty more tasks you can perform on the exterior of your home with scaffolding, this short list is a great start to making your home look new and fresh again. Renting scaffolding is relatively cheap and easy and will help you undertake this DIY jobs safely and productively.

If you’re interested in hiring scaffolding for any DIY home improvement projects, get in touch with the professionals at Uni-Span by phoning their staff on 1300 882 825.

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