Is Building A Custom New House Such An Expensive Deal?

From buying material to the floor plan, it’s all done while keeping your interests in mind during the build of a new custom house. You can define and build your dream house on your own terms (but in compliance with rules and regulations). However, this is a time-consuming and costly endeavour. If you have time, money and you can buy a piece of land, and build your house. Otherwise, investing in one of the new houses for sale in Ayrshire where there are homes already designed may be a better option for you and your family. Let’s see why building a new custom built house is very expensive.

Shortage of land

To build your own house, you will have to find and buy your own plot. It’s true that the cost of the land is covered in the price of new houses for sale and the same goes for planned developments. However, it is not easy to find an affordable piece of land especially if you want to build your house in a metropolitan area. You will be paying a lot more even when you are able to find a plot.

Custom design

You can build your house exactly the way you want. Make sure that your dream is not complicated. The cost of an architect’s services will be more if your dream house design is a complex one. Either keep the custom design simple or find a convenient way to buy a new home from a planned development with a choice of designs just like these new houses for sale in Ayrshire.

Plan and approvals

You cannot immediately start the construction after buying a plot and getting custom design. You will have to submit the plan to the relevant bodies. There are some rules and regulations to follow. For example, in some areas, a residential property cannot have more than two levels. Make sure that your plan meets all the requirements like building codes etc. Your plan will be revised,and then it will be either approved or rejected. So, it will take time.


The builder has presented you a design and 3D model of the home before starting the project. And, you fall in love with the design. However, once the plan is materialised, you might find some deviations from the plan.

Apart from that, just like new houses for sale in Ayrshire, custom-built homes also come with some standard features. For example, if you want, hardwood floors, paved patios, fancy ceilings, marble countertops and other features, there are additional costs for these features. You can install some upgrades later, but you must have a budget to do it.

Inspection Costs

According to the laws in place, there may be multiple inspections required for ensuring that the construction complies with the laws and regulations. Although the builder will take care of this, you will be paying for these inspections. While hiring a third objective party for the final inspection is in your best interest.

If you cannot earmark a huge amount of money for buying a plot and building a new custom house, you should look for a new housing development like the new houses for sale in Ayrshire.

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