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cyber world

In today’s scenario, cyber threats are increasing and causing a lot of impact in every individual’s life. Also, big firms to small startups are increasingly affected by this threat. Surviving in the online world has become too difficult. Nearly 43% of the cybercrime target small firms and startups. So it’s not that only big firms have to protect their data. But also small firms have to start taking initiatives to protect data. You can also seek the help of Norton chat support the UK or any service provider in case of need.

Some common online cyber crimes include the following,

  • Data Breaches
  • Profile hacking
  • Virus attacks
  • Shopping and dating cheats
  • Cyberbullying etc.

There are plenty of ways through which cyber crimes take place, but social media has the largest share. Social media hacking and data breaches are increasingly gaining popularity nowadays.

A few points which you can remember to maintain safety over social media are listed, 

Think and act

Think before you post or write anything on social media. Be careful about the pictures you choose to upload. Avoid accepting the requests or chatting with people who don’t seem to be so good. The most important thing is to restrict the sharing of personal details and information to a large extent.

Be password safe

A lot of us use a password that is weak and is connected to our personal life somehow. For instance, your pets name, phone number, etc. This makes things easy for hackers to hack your data. The longer the password the lesser are the chances that they might be hacked. If your phone carries sensitive details be sure to lock it.

Take a look on your kids

If you have kids keep an eye on them. Educate them about all the social media crimes and ask them to get things to your knowledge in the event of any happening.

Consider the privacy settings

A lot of social media sites have privacy settings. Use them bravely and for your safety. If you find anyone or any post creepy report it immediately.

Log off

I have noticed people just shutting their PC without logging out. This might be dangerous. So log off every time you logged in.

Don’t click

Clicking unnecessary dialogue boxes and links are hazardous. They might act as a means through which hackers breach your data or get access to your personal information. Sometimes it is better that you simply avoid emails from unwanted or sites which you are not well aware of. Though there are high-security settings, there are chances that one or two might sneak its way through.

As per statistics Retail business industry, Government data and Tech industry bear the highest risk factor of getting hacked. But a cautious and intelligent move from your side will protect it to a very large extent. Norton chat support UK is one among many service providers who you can turn to for help. Apart from that if you spot anything that triggers your doubt go ahead to contact the cop without any hesitation.

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