Mother if bride dresses for different body types

Mother if bride dresses for different body types

Dressing according to the body type is the best thing because the dress you wear will be just according to your body type so there is no way you won’t look good in it. Being the mother of bride you want to look your best for you own daughter’s wedding and you have every right to do that. Buying a dress that matches your body type means that your pictures will be just perfect and doing this way you can also feel comfortable in whatever fancy dress you want to wear and this way you can also accentuate the feature of your body that you like to show off. So here are some of the dresses according to body type

Conceal your arm

If you want your arms to be covered then you are in luck because most of the mother of the bride dresses have full sleeves and you can easily find the one with the lace sleeves or you can also wear a cape that will make you look very gorgeous and stylish. You can also have the quarter sleeves or you can just wrap yourself with a wrap if the weather is cold.

Define the waist

If you are a lean person and have boy many curves then you can find a dress with a pleated skirt so that you will look curvy and even with a belt it will accentuate your curves. Having pleats on your dress will also create the illusion of curve so you can also go for those. Trying on the dress will make you believe how fabulous you look in this one.

Show off your legs

If you have beautiful legs and want to show them off you can wear a knee-high dress you can also wear a high low dress which is high from the front and drapes down below in the back and this way you will look even classier. Even if it is cold this high low type of dress will be able to make you look beautiful and you can also wear nude leggings with your knee high dress.

Minimize Hips

If you are a plus size woman you can look for the plus size mother of bride dresses and find the dresses that will make you look less wide. Find the dresses that will draw everyone’s attention up the top like wearing an off-shoulder dress and having a dress with a sequin top or other embellishments.

Show off shoulders

To make sure that everyone notices you beautiful shoulder you need to find an off shoulder or strapless dress or you can also choose a dress with on shoulder off.

Just try out the dresses and make sure you have the second opinion from your daughter or any of the bridesmaids so you can look just perfect as the mother of the bride on her special day. You can look for the wedding catalogues so you can know which type of dress you should actually go for.

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