Plan a Dora Delight for Your Kids with a Delicious Pan Cake!

Delicious Pan Cake

Is your kid a big fan of Doraemon Cartoon characters?Does he/she too annoy you to make cake, favourite food of Doraemon? If yes, just shake off your worries because you are just a few steps away from knowing how to prepare such a delicious delight. Just make your little one glee by surprising him with his super hero’s relished snack.

Once you know the steps to prepare a Dora cake, it won’t be a difficult deed to come up with a delicious cake. Talking about these cakes, they are the favourite snack of Doraemon. This cake is a Japanese pancake named Dorayaki. Dorayaki are pancakes called after their shape that is a ditto of Dora (the Japanese name for gong). These fluffy pancakes are just like sandwich where a blend of bean paste is extensively used as the filling. These cakes are not just fulfilling in their looks but absolutely tasty too.

Why kids love Dora so much?

Talking about Dora, it is an extremely famed character among young kids. She appears in the much hit show Dora the Explorer. It is type of an educational animated television series presented by Nickelodeon. This specific character is marked by her daring and adventurous spirit as well as her keenness and curiosity to tumble all the hurdles that she meets on the way. The success of this series has greatly led to the growth of clothes, video games and toy line franchisees.

And you know what; kids are so crazy about this character and this series that they love to have Dora on their birthday cakes. When they find such an adorable character punched in the cake, they feel much elated. This is something that actually adds an additional value to a birthday celebrations. So in case you are willing to make the birthday bash of your son or daughter a grand one; just go for a Dora cake to add a pinch of delight and spark to the birthday celebrations.

You can walk through plenty of options while you choose a Dora cake design. The best part is that cakes are available in different shapes and styles. A cake can be double, single or triple tiered, and it can be rectangular or rounded too. You can get the cake topped with a beautiful and fancy Dora sculpture coupled with some stars or simply flowers. Otherwise, you can also have Dora’s image painted on the cake’s surface with icing. So, whether birthday cakes or pan cakes; you can go creative in your choice and make the birthday of your beloved child a memorable one.

So, now since you know how to make Dora cake or pancake, you must surprise your beloved kids with a Dora treat! After all, what can be more happening for you than to see your kids having a smile on their Face! The best part is that these cakes won’t take more than 20 minutes to get prepared.



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