SEO Literacy: A Guide to Website Ranking

We help companies with the findability of their website in search engines. We do this in the form of SEO (search engine optimization) or SEA (search engine advertising). Because a good website is not only user-friendly and attractive, it is also easy to find. More and more companies see the need for good findability. After all, it ensures more visitors to your website. More visitors would mean more leads and customers. In addition, better findability also ensures greater brand awareness. People come into contact with your company online, while they may never have heard of your company.

Here you can read a number of tips that you can use to improve the findability of your website:

5 Tips to Improve Your Findability in Search Engines

Determine Your Keywords

Start by thinking of search terms on which you want to be found. Move in people who do not know your company name. Do this with multiple keywords, because people often type two or more keywords into search engines. Do you have to deal with a local target group? Then it is wise to also include your place name here.

Put Your Keywords in the Right Place in the Texts

After the keywords have been determined, you will process them per page in your website. You place them in visible places, such as in the menu, headlines and plain text and in (for the eye) non-visible places such as the page title and description. Search engines look here to determine what a page is about.

Write User-Friendly Texts

Of course, the keywords are reflected in the texts and headlines of the pages. But make sure that your texts remain legible for your visitors. Do not therefore process excessive keywords in your texts. This is even punished by search engines.

Give Your Findability a Boost

The more websites redirect to your website, the more important search engines find your website. It is important that these websites are relevant and reliable. Internal links also ensure better findability. In addition, it is also more user-friendly for your visitors. It helps them to click through your website and easily lead them to important pages.

Post News Regularly

Search engines like current websites, like Make sure you regularly post news or adjust your website. Placing weekly news items or new projects are good examples of this.


The bases for good findability are technical components such as an SSL certificate (security of your website) and mobile friendliness and various other technical requirements. If you do not have this in order, your website will continue to score badly in search engines. There are about 200 technical factors that you can optimize to make your website easier to find. Therefore, with a lot of competition, help from our online marketer will be useful.

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