Tips for choosing best knobs and hooks for your interiors


The Knobs or popularly known as door handles are plain mechanisms which help in opening and shutting the doors. The door does not necessarily mean the room or bathroom door but also the cabinet, wardrobe and cupboard doors. The knobs can come with locks or without locks which can be chosen based on the requirement. The knobs come in a variety of design, shape, and material which is selected to match with the interiors. There are also people who love to have the hooks in the shape of leaves, keys, and locks, as well as animal heads and the designers, have all of them that can fascinate the users. If the materials are considered, one can find them made of steel, brass or iron also.

In earlier days, the decorative cabinet knobs had only functional importance, but with the passage of time, the knobs have got aesthetical importance as well. These days’ it is very important for people to get the knobs which match with the interiors of the house to avoid the awkward look. You can either match the cabinet knobs with the colour of the room or opt for a knob that matches with the furniture. There is no limit to the innovations and variety, and one can even get customised knobs made. The knobs and pulls can be bought online as well from the authentic accessories suppliers.

Just like that of the knobs, the hooks have also seen a drastic change with time. Previously the hooks were plain mostly made from stainless steel, but now there is a trend to match the hooks with the decor. The decorative hooks are available in many options such as brass, Mi, chrome plated, Victorian style and the likes.

Essential tips to buy Hooks:

  • Take a look at the interiors of your house or room where you need the hook to be mounted.
  • Visit an accessory store or only portal and shortlist the hooks that match your decor.
  • Choose the material carefully for longer sustainability and strength.
  • The brass hooks are best options as they are aesthetically appealing with a regal look as well as strong. They are also considered durable in every climatic condition.
  • The smaller hooks can be installed on the inside of the door of your wardrobe for hanging essential stuff.
  • If you have a walk-in wardrobe or closet room, hooks are the best options since you can hang your clothes, bags, belts, scarves and many other items on the hooks for optimum visibility. There is a chance of certain items going out of sight when kept in wardrobe.

The types of Hooks are as follows:

  • If you are a black lover, the MI hooks are for you! The MI hooks suit the contemporary decor as nothing else does.
  • Brass hooks are for people who love the antic royal look with a touch of sophistication.
  • The European style hooks or the chrome plated hooks are for people who have a penchant for opulent items.

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