Ways To Fix An Offline Printer

The printer is an important device for the computer. It must be properly installed and maintained to get the proper printout. Printers are very common in offices. At times this happens that these printers are not connected to the computer. Thus the printout is not properly received. It can be noticed that the printer is in offline mode. This means that the printer is not communicating to the proper computer. There can be various reasons why the printer is in offline mode. Let us know the reasons. And this will help us to know how to fix an offline printer. There are some easy options which you can easily carry out, and some are technical options for which you need to take help of an expert.

Reason for the printer to be in offline mode

One of the reasons why the printer is in offline mode is that the printer may have automatically changed the driver to a separate one. In this case, the printer is to be reinstalled to the previous driver. This needs few steps to be followed. First, the printer is to be restarted, and it should be in ready condition. Next one must go to the control panel and click on to devices and printer. Chose the printer which is facing the problem. Then right click on it.Then the printer is to be set as the default printer. On the computer screen, one page will appear where there are options like “pause printing” or “use printer offline.” Uncheck these options. Now the printer can be used for printing purpose.

Another reason for the printer to be in offline mode

Another reason why the printer is in offline mode is that the printer is to be reinstalled to the computer. For this the first thing is to do is to go to the control panel. Then after the right click either of the options “reinstall” or “remove” is to be clicked. The printer is to be reinstalled by turning off and turning on the printer. Connect to the wireless computer the same way as any other wireless device is being connected. If the printer starts automatically, then the printer is connected. However, if the printer is not working, then the printer software is to be installed on the computer. It is better to print something to see that the printer is properly working.

The correct port must be selected to run the printer

At times the printer uses the wrong port. So the printer stops working. So first, choose the printer option in the control panel. Now select the port tab and then click on add port. Select the option for standard TCP/IP port and then click on the new port. Now follow the instructions on the screen. This will help the printer to have proper functioning as required by the commands provided by the user.

These are some of the ways how the offline printer can be fixed and used properly to get proper printouts.

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