What are the Effects of Hemp Oil? Does it Get You High?

Hemp Seed Oil

Discussing The Overall Effects With Highlights To Benefits Of Hemp Oil In General 

Hemp oil is high in quality nutrients and the product has a long history of being widely used all across Eastern Culture. It has been used as all natural remedies and healing ailments. It has been highly scrutinized in the past by prejudice, resulting in the West just now starting to catch up and learn the many benefits the oil has on the body. Such benefits include assistance with pain, sleep disorders, and anxiety. There are a wide variety of hemp oils available on the market, each one benefiting something else. Full spectrum Hemp Oil is used on individuals with chronic pain, anxiety attacks, and restless sleep disorders. Most people are concerned with the question, Does hemp oil make you high? In most cases, there are zero of the ingredient THC which is the chemical compound that causes the “High” sensation. Some products do have THC in the ingredient but this amount is so minuscule there isn’t any “High” feeling produced. Hemp Seed Oil is commonly used as a topical moisturizer that nourishes and replenishes skin, it also aids to promote healthy hair follicle and strong nails. The effects of Hemp Seed Oil have been proven to also promote a healthy balance in hormones for both men and women, the oil also promotes a strong immune system and improve an individual’s mood by blocking chemical occurrences in the brain that cause depression and anxiety.

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Does hemp oil make you high? This question arises very frequently to members working in the marijuana industry. The active ingredient in marijuana that produces a “High” sensation is THC, this compound activates the brain’s reward center, Once allowed into the bloodstream it produces a euphoric feeling that can cause happiness and bliss. CBD Oil, or known as hemp oil, does not get you high. This is the result of the THC being removed or diluted so much that it doesn’t affect the brain. CBD oil has been an interest to scientist and researchers for quite a while, they have figured out a method of breeding plants without THC. The chemical CBD also blocks THC from activating in the brain, while activating other areas. CBD oil is shown to promote healthy bone growth, kill and slows bacterial growth in the body, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce seizures, and aid sleep. Those are only a handful of benefits using CBD oil promotes, there are many more. Using CBD oil is safe, it is unable to make an individual “high”, making it perfect for children and adults who suffer from life-threatening or chronic disabilities. Many patients worry that by using CBD oil they will subjugate themselves to the “high” associated with marijuana, with all of the research we have on the subject, it is a very common question with a simple answer. You do not have to worry, CBD oil in no way will cause an individual to experience the “High” associated with Marijuana.

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