Why Is It Must To Avail a Road Trip Insurance While Travelling?

road trip insurance

The road trip along with the hiking, trek and other forms of travel are gaining grounds in India these days. People go on a road trip to explore nature, new places and to break free from the hustles and bustles of stressful city life.

When someone is out exploring the wild and nature’s beauty, the last thing that they want is facing hassles and worries. That’s where the road trip insurance comes to your rescue with many benefits from travel to hotel bookings, when lost and more.

Let’s have a look quick look at the features and benefits of the road trip insurance cover.

What is a road trip insurance cover?

Road trip insurance is nothing but an insurance coverage that assists you when you are stranded on a road trip. Example – if your car breaks down, then you can get the roadside assistance from your insurance agency. You can also get in touch with your service provider to help you with hotel and travel booking if you are lost.

Road trip insurance – Features and benefits at a glance

  • Keeps you safe from unwanted worries

With active road trip insurance, you can keep yourself protected from worries if you face car breakdowns in the middle of nowhere. With 24/7 roadside assistance at more than 500 locations across India, you can be sure of keeping all hassles at bay.

  • Get immediate financial assistance

Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cards or cash at your disposal? You can get instant financial help from your insurer up to an amount of up to Rs.50,000. If you face similar situation outside India, you can ask up to Rs.1 lakh to pay for your hotel bills and other overheads.Car Site

  • Block your cards and avoid misuse

It may happen that due to your forgetfulness, carelessness or any other reasons, you may lose your credit/debit cards during the trip. You need no worry at all as you can get your cards blocked and prevent it from being misused by calling the insurer once.

  • Avail a complimentary insurance coverage

Did you know you can also get complimentary insurance coverage that safeguards you against personal accidents, hospitalization, trip cancellation and baggage loss? Yes, you have the freedom to get complimentary insurance coverage of up to Rs.3 lakh.

How much do you need to pay to enjoy the road trip insurance?

Buying the best road trip insurance won’t pinch your pockets as you can avail all the discussed benefits just by paying up to Rs.1,000 annually. The annual price for the policy will depend on your coverage type and membership.

The Bottom Line

With so many benefits of the road trip insurance coverage now discussed can benefit you when you pay a small amount annually, you can also apply for it online.Ford Mustang Business Contract Hire

Let your next road trip be an adventurous one marked with memories and not with the instances of chaos and loss!

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