Worried About not Able to Cover Complete Syllabus? Ace JEE Main 2019 with These Tips

Worried About not Able to Cover Complete Syllabus? Ace JEE Main 2019 with These Tips

JEE Main 2019 is just around the corner for most aspirants and with nearly 1 lakh aspirants registering for the exam, there is simply no dearth of competition. The key is to understand that there is no simply one strategy fit all for JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) or for any entrance test. Your strategy would alter according to your preparation time table, level of comfort with each of the individual subjects & topics, overall aptitude, resources available for preparation.

NTA, the new exam conducting body has decided to conduct JEE Main twice a year in January and April. However, the vast syllabus of JEE Main still poses a major problem for aspirants. JEE Main question paper will comprise 360 questions (90 each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). The syllabus is based on class XI and XII curriculum of CBSE and other major state boards.

In this article we have tried to come up with a brief series of tips and tried & tested strategy for candidates depending upon the varying level of preparation and other factors.

JEE Main 2019 has shifted to online mode completely for a fair and accurate testing process. All the questions will be awarded 4 marks for a correct attempt and 1 mark will be deducted for an incorrect attempt. There is no surprise expected in terms of the paper pattern and scheme of examination.

JEE Main 2019: Alternate Approaches to Ace the Exam

The competition is vey stiff and only a very high score in JEE Main can ensure a seat in one of the premier engineering colleges. However regardless of the competition and overall difficulty level, candidates need to be realistic about their chances based on their aptitude and preparation level, and adopt a strategy that best fits their requirement.

Here are diverse tips and exam strategies that you can incorporate in last minute preparation subject to your requirements and suitability:

Strategy 1: Candidates with a solid understanding and command over all the three subjects can adopt the strategy discussed here.

  • Chemistry is your best bet to start with in the exam. Allocate 40 minutes to solve all the thirty questions as they are less calculation intensive.
  • If more time is required than mark those questions to be reviewed later.
  • Next up, try to solve the 30 questions in Physics within 60 minutes.
  • Divide the remaining 80 minutes carefully for maximum utilization.
  • All the 30 questions in Mathematics can be solved in about 65-70 minutes while the remaining 10-15 minutes should be devoted to review and attempt pending questions.

Strategy 2: Candidates focusing on Class XII board exams rather than JEE can use this strategy to make maximum use of their board preparation in JEE:

  • Take 15 minutes to review all the 90 questions in the exam and segregate them according to Class XI and XII curriculum.
  • Use the first 75 minutes to attempt class XII questions as the concepts are still fresh in your memory.
  • Remaining time can be invested in solving class XI questions while leaving last 10-15 minutes for reviewing and attempting pending questions.

Strategy 3: In case, candidates lack proper command over the three subjects then this final strategy is the best bet for them:

  1. Review all the 90 questions in the first 15 minutes of JEE Main examination and divide them in easy, moderate and difficult level category.
    1. Easy questions are generally those that can be attempted within a minute.
    2. Calculation intensive questions usually best fit the bracket of moderate difficulty level.
  • Difficult questions consist of questions from topics that you have usually not covered in your preparation.
  1. Solve all the easy questions first within the allocated time of a minute each for all these questions. Mark the questions for review and move on if a particular question requires more time.
  2. A moderate difficulty level questions can be assigned a maximum duration of 2 minutes per question. If the calculations are complex or you are not sure about the answer, then Mark the question for Review and proceed ahead.
  3. The questions under difficult category cannot be allocated more than 3 minutes per question. Follow the same process if you need more time for any question.
  4. Finally, get to the questions that you had marked for review and try to resolve them.

The selection of strategy is completely left to the discretion of candidate, depending on their preparation and other factors. However, the success of adopting each strategy depends on understanding their merits & demerits and their correct execution.

Candidates can utilize the last few days by attempting mock tests and previous papers. This will give them hands-on practice with each strategy and fine tune the execution of each strategy. Candidates appearing in the January session of JEE Main 2019 will have the added cushion of appearing in the April session to rectify their previous mistakes. Choose wisely and give your best in JEE Main 2019! JEE Main Counselling

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