YOGA – The Art of Living

India’s oldest tradition “YOGA” is a group of physical and mental practices or disciple. Yoga is originated in India 5000 years ago by ancient people. It provides relaxation and ease from numberless diseases or infections at the physical state. Yoga consists of various postures such as raja yoga, hatha yoga and more. The stretches of yoga assist individuals to strengthen physical and mental health both. From the psychological phenomena, practicing yoga postures provides strength to the intellect and boost up concentration level. Normally, people practice yoga stretches to experience a healthy and peaceful life. Yoga provide lasting transformation and instant gratification both. At the physical state, yoga postures are practiced to keep body healthy and fit and for mental health- meditation, pranayama and breathing techniques are practiced to disciple the mind. Every human being should practice yoga steps to promote well being. But yoga poses should be practiced under the guidance of yoga practitioners. If you want to learn yoga, yoga teachers in rishikesh are very experienced and teach yoga exercise very effectively. Now learn yoga from experienced and professional instructors to maintain overall health.

Key benefits of yoga-

The benefits of yoga are numerous; it helps to improve physical health, mental health, increase concentration level, general well being and more. All the human beings can practice yoga to keep their overall body healthy. Moreover, yoga asana aids to boost up muscles strength, control cholesterol level, normalise blood pressure, reduce weight and more. Nowadays, people get no time to practices yoga asana or yoga stretches, they are busy in their job life. People give are very concerned about earning money but the for earning money health is most important.

Types of yoga asanas-

Yoga asanas are the easiest and simplest ways to maintain overall health. It is really good for reducing weight and controlling stress as well. Yoga asanas basically provide body and mind benefits. The benefits of yoga includes stress relief, protest flexibility and heal various diseases. Yoga is about stretching body in various styles and meditating. There are basically ten styles of yoga which can be performed regularly to improve health condition. Here is the list of yoga asana are as follows-
Slow neck stretches
Tadasana yoga or mountain pose
Standing forward fold pose or uttanasana
Triangle pose or trikonasana
Bow pose or Dhanurasana yoga
Kapalbhati yoga asana
Bound angle pose or Baddha konasana
Eagle twist yoga posture
Sir asana or head stand pose
Learn yoga from professional instructors
It is necessary to perform yoga poses or yoga stretches properly. If the poses are not practiced in a right form then it will give no results. Rishikesh can be the best and peaceful place to learn yoga steps. There are number of yoga TTC in Rishikesh. Visit all the yoga centre and find the best and well known institute to learn yoga stretches effectively. In Rishikesh, yoga exercise is taught to all age groups at best prices.

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